Vertical Nerve's Content Management System (CMS) Video Player Now Offering Social Sharing and Google Analytics Integration
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Vertical Nerve's Content Management System (CMS) Video Player Now Offering Social Sharing and Google Analytics Integration

Jennifer Gonzalez | Marketing Manager 

Vertical Nerve, a nationally recognized analytics, search marketing, web and mobile development firm, now features in their Content Management System (CMS) 2.0 platform an updated video player with social sharing and Google Analytics tracking features for the CMS 2.1.14 version. The Vertical Nerve CMS offers customers some of the top features for website development and management, including: a search engine-friendly navigation, revision history, etc.

Why is video sharing capability useful?

The new video player will allow marketing teams and website visitors to easily share the videos on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter with one click of the button. Every day close to 4 billion videos are watched online at sites like YouTube. By offering visitors an easier way to share content online, marketing teams can ensure their message reaches a broader audience.

How will integrating Google Analytics benefit marketers?

Google Analytics is the most widely used analytics tool worldwide and is also free to implement. The new Vertical Nerve CMS video player features the new Flash API for Analytics that will in turn allow web masters and marketing teams to view the actions users take within the player itself. Some of the insights include:

  • how much of the video did watch
  • at what point did the viewer share the video
  • did the viewer pause, rewind, skip certain sections of the video
  • by the end of the video did the viewer share the video at all

The updated video player also features selectable skins in the admin panel so businesses can customize the look of the player depending on content.

Company Benefits

The new video player update is completely automated. Once the coding is in place in your CMS your work is done, saving your web department time and allowing them to focus on more important marketing objectives. By offering customers the valuable data captured within our enhanced video player, they can begin to leverage and share videos to increase their marketing value.


The Vertical Nerve website Content Management System (CMS) gives marketing teams the ability to maximize their time and deliver new website content without needing extensive HTML knowledge. Utilizing a WYSIWYG editor to manage page content, a search engine-friendly navigational (or structural) layout, e-commerce and blog capabilities, you can empower your website to start working for you.

About Vertical Nerve

Vertical Nerve helps companies grow their online revenue through highly effective Search Marketing and improve their online conversions through Digital Analytics, Mobile and Web Design & Development. Serving national brands since 1999, Vertical Nerve is a Google Analytics Certified Partner and Premium Authorized Reseller, a Google AdWords Certified Partner and a Microsoft Advertising Preferred Agency. Learn more at

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