Vertical Nerve's Content Management System (CMS) Now Offers Drag and Drop Feature
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Vertical Nerve's Content Management System (CMS) Now Offers Drag and Drop Feature

Jennifer Gonzalez | Marketing Manager 

Vertical Nerve, a nationally recognized analytics, search marketing, web and mobile development firm, just released version 2.1.15 of the Content Management System, now including an updated Drag and Drop feature that allows for faster file, video and image uploading. This feature will save administrators valuable time in the maintenance of their web properties.The Vertical Nerve CMS modular design and its complement of widgets, makes it one of the easiest tools for non-technical staff to maintain a large, modern website. 

Drag and Drop Feature

Why will the Drag and Drop feature be useful? 

Uploading multiple items such as pictures can be a tedious process, especially for e-commerce or product sites with multiple images associated with one product as well as a hero image. Now with Drag and Drop, uploading content is possible with one simple click of a button and can be added to an existing category such as featured videos or photo galleries. 

Important features to note when using Drag and Drop

  • All files with the exception of images must have a title when uploading
  • Files now have a wide variety of attributes
  • Possible to upload new images or modify an existing image (for example a video thumbnail) by simply dragging a new file to the image modify page
  • Upload a large quantity of images to an existing category to make use of the various image widgets.

Company Benefits

Marketing managers can save valuable time and fill an entire product carrousel in seconds versus hours, freeing up their schedule for more important daily tasks and site management efficiency.


The Vertical Nerve website Content Management System (CMS) gives marketing teams the ability to maximize their time and deliver new website content without needing extensive HTML knowledge. Utilizing a WYSIWYG editor to manage page content, a search engine-friendly navigational (or structural) layout, e-commerce and blog capabilities, you can empower your website to start working for you.

About Vertical Nerve

Vertical Nerve helps companies grow their online revenue through highly effective Search Marketing and improve their online conversions through Digital Analytics, Mobile and Web Design & Development. Serving national brands since 1999, Vertical Nerve is a Google Analytics Certified Partner and Premium Authorized Reseller, a Google AdWords Certified Partner and a Microsoft Advertising Preferred Agency. Learn more at

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