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4 New Functions to Google Data Studio

Allison Soper  |  September 11, 2017

Google Data Studio is increasingly becoming one of our favorite tools for reporting, and the Data Studio team continues to add new features to improve the user experience. Below you’ll find some of our favorite new features in Data Studio:

1. Search in filter

There are times when you’ll add a filter that has hundreds or even thousands of values to choose from, and scrolling can become tiresome. Now, there is a search feature within the filter component that lets users quickly find and select specific items.

2. Filter controls: single-select

There are also scenarios when it only makes sense to filter a report on one particular value, as filtering on multiple values would return confusing data. Report creators can now configure filters to allow for one selection only.

3. Multiple views

This new feature is beneficial if you have access to several Google Analytics views and do not want to create a Data Studio report for each view. For example, if you have charts and data you monitor every day, you can now build a report in Data Studio with those charts and data, add the Data Control and quickly go between any of the views you have access to, allowing you to monitor your entire business in less time.

4. Combo charts

New Combo charts allow you to create a line chart with a non-time-based dimension on the X-axis (previously only time-based dimensions were supported). The new component can plot a single dimension with up to five metrics, or two dimensions with a single metric.

What are some of your favorite features?

Allison Soper

Allison Soper

Digital Analyst

Allison currently works on a variety of different accounts where she installs, optimizes and reports with Google Analytics and other similar tools. She also provides recommendations and insights to clients, performs quality assurance tests and produces weekly and monthly dashboards. Prior to Vertical Nerve, Allison worked at Weber Shandwick, a global Public Relations firm, where she was an Account Supervisor of the Analytics & Insights practice.

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