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Analytics Update: Real-Time Changes and Alert Recommendations

Michelle Stunkard  |  October 18, 2012

Weekly Update: Real-Time Updates

Real Time Update_Google Analytics_Real Time Changes and Alert Recommendations_Vertical Nerve blog

Yesterday, Google announced that Real-Time reports will now be available to users instead of just administrators. Another great update is that the numbers you see in the report have now gone through any profile filters that you have set up as opposed to unfiltered data that displayed in the past. For more information on this update, check out their blog post here.

Weekly Tip: Custom Alerts to put your mind at ease

If you're like many site owners, you probably aren't looking at your analytics every day. When you do check your reports, you may find that you missed some important events since your last visit such as traffic spikes, decreases in revenue, etc. To keep you up to speed, there are many different custom alerts you can set up in your analytics that will text or email you when something out of the ordinary is going on.

Traffic Alerts

Let's start with the basics. You definitely want to know if for some reason your traffic is considerably down all of a sudden. The alert below is set to trigger if daily traffic is down more than 50%. You can set that percentage to as high or low as you'd like or you could change it to a specific number of visits.

Traffic Alert_Google Analytics_Real Time Changes and Alert Recommendations_Vertical Nerve blog


Campaign Alerts

Now let's look at your options when keeping track of marketing initiatives. The alert below will be triggered if anyone coming from a specific campaign resulted in a transaction. You can set this to track visits or other conversions if you'd like.

Campaign Alert_Google Analytics_Real Time Changes and Alert Recommendations_Vertical Nerve blog


These are just two examples but there are many options when it comes to setting up alerts. Overall, this is a great tool when it comes to helping you monitor your tracking results without having to be tied to your reports on a daily basis.

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Michelle Stunkard

Michelle is an experienced digital marketing manager and web analyst. She is Google AdWords and Google Analytics certified and has helped lead Google Analytics training sessions for Vertical Nerve in the past. 

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