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Battle of the Build: Website Redesign vs CRO

Devoreaux Walton  |  May 11, 2015

When was the last time your website was updated?

Website redesign completely overhauls your website while conversion rate optimization, or CRO, constantly improves website performance by testing different elements to let the visitors decide what the website should include. Before you choose one, let both options battle it out. After consideration, you decide the winner for your brand.

But first, what’s the importance of a website? When someone needs a product or service in our digital world, the first place they go to is the Internet. Your website is very often the first experience potential and existing consumers have with your brand. So it should be ready to impress and shine like the sun. Hence the reason to not only keep it polished but also updated with the most relevant information pertaining to your business.

The design and content of your site are only one part of the puzzle. The most important questions now become “How do visitors experience my website?” and “What on my website leads to the most conversions?” These questions can be addressed and solutions implemented using different methods (as long as data is at the core of it!)… but which one is right for your organization?

Website Redesign

A website redesign is a complete overhaul of your website: new graphics, updated layout, and fresh content, typically on a new platform. Depending on the size of your website, this can be a small undertaking or a multi-million, multi-year project involving outside design and development agencies. Website redesign is a great chance for you to align your website with any new products, information and/or branding updates.

And don’t forget mobile! Responsive websites are becoming extremely important for users Google has even changed their search algorithm to reflect this! Redesigning your website gives you the chance to give your mobile site a facelift as well, aligning your desktop and mobile versions and creating a unified user experience.


Conversion rate optimization, or CRO is a method to A/B test your website on a continuous basis in lieu of overhauling an existing site. A current site analysis is performed, and small elements are changed and tested with half of the visitor traffic seeing the new page and the other half of visitor traffic viewing the original. The winning page is determined by the highest number of conversions and implemented permanently… or at least until the next test!

Time to consider the pros and cons of a full website redesign and CRO!



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Devoreaux Walton

Devoreaux is an Atlanta native proud to call Dallas home. She fell in love with marketing after assisting a friend develop a business plan for a new start-up. She has worked on digital advertising campaigns, eCommerce websites and brand development projects and loves creating brand alignment with the agency and promotional marketing channels. In her free time, Devoreaux can be found planning, attending or promoting fashion and philanthropic events in the Dallas area.

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