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Capturing the Attention of Generation Z

William Bedford  |  January 18, 2016

As marketers, we’re all very familiar with generational marketing demographics. Marketing plans are laid out to effectively reach baby boomers, generation X and/or millennials, depending on your brand’s target audience.

But…What if I told you there was another generation you might be overlooking in your marketing plan? A generation with over $44 billion in purchasing power that could be going untapped?

Do you have a unique marketing approach to reach generation Z?

Generation Z follows on the heels of millennials, loosely defined as those currently 18 years old and younger. Many marketers lump generation Z in with millennials when it comes to targeting; however, research has shown their online habits vary dramatically from their millennial counterparts, and thus require a unique marketing approach to be reached effectively.

When it comes to marketing to generation Z, there are a few things to keep in mind when forming your strategy.

1. It’s all about mobile.

Generation Z is hands down the most mobile generation. 73% of teens own a smartphone and 58% own a tablet. Ensuring that your brand experience (including website and SEO) are mobile-friendly is crucial to reaching generation Z in a meaningful way.

2. Go far beyond Facebook.

Unlike generation X and millennials, generation Z’s social media presence stretches far beyond Facebook. In fact, consumers 19 and younger prefer alternative social networks such as SnapChat and Whisper instead of Facebook, and 25% of 13 to 17-year-olds left Facebook last year entirely. Facebook alone is no longer enough to reach younger consumers. Maintaining a presence on other social media platforms like Periscope, SnapChat, Instagram and Twitter is vital to maximizing your marketing efforts.

3. Stay on-brand consistently across platforms.

With generation Z engaging on multiple social media outlets on a daily basis, your brand has the potential to reach them multiple times every day. By keeping your marketing message consistent (graphics, slogans and use of hashtags, just to name a few), you will maximize your exposure to generation Z.

Beware when repurposing content across various social platforms! Each channel has a different flavor it provides to users. Be sure to tailor marketing messages for each platform individually for optimal engagement.

Check out this example of a contest campaign Athleta is currently hosting across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. They use the appropriate messaging for each specific platform while staying on brand and being consistent!



Twitter Athleta Contest



Facebook Athleta Contest



Instagram Athleta Contest


Generation Z is a powerful potential client base, and adjusting your marketing plan to tap into this demographic can help make 2016 your brand’s best year yet!

William Bedford

William Bedford

Will is a Dallas native and marketing intern at Vertical Nerve. He’s currently studying economics at the University of Texas at Arlington and has thoroughly enjoyed applying his education to his internship at Vertical Nerve. In his free time he loves traveling, roller coasters, and going to comedy shows.

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