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Clutch Top SEO Firms Dallas 2016

December 23, 2016

In over 15 years of business, we have consistently generated measurable results for clients, whether it be for our SEO, SEM, digital analytics or web services. As one of our clients says: “Vertical Nerve is a great outfit and provides excellent customer service and a high return on investment. I highly recommend their SEO and SEM services because of the success they brought my company.”

Vertical Nerve Recognized as a Top Local SEO Firm

We are proud to announce that our success was recently recognized by Clutch, a B2B market research firm based in Washington, D.C., as a leading Dallas-based SEO agency. Clutch’s competitive digital marketing research involved a thorough evaluation of the companies included on the list. They use a proprietary, multi-modal evaluation process to identify, review and communicate about top digital agencies worldwide. Part of this extensive process includes direct, one-on-one interviews with current and past customers.

Another of our clients, a large health organization, told Clutch: “Vertical Nerve is very accommodating, and they are always easily accessible. They have a team that is very collaborative, so if one person does not know an answer, the other employee will. They have a very good relationship with us.”

Relationships matter, and that’s why we’re proud to have built so many strong ones with clients over the years. As Clutch business analyst Sean Huang notes, we are part of a group of firms that have “demonstrated a commitment to their clients’ success beyond just SEO expertise.”

What Our Clients Say About Us

We’re happy to have had such great things said about us, and we think client testimonials are one of the best ways to prove that we are delivering measurable results for satisfied clients. In fact, we give clients a reason for living their digital life... no, we’re not being boastful! That’s exactly what one of our clients thinks of us, and to be honest, we’re pretty keen on him too.

“My love for Vertical Nerve has no bounds. Without Vertical Nerve, I would be lost, adrift in this digital sea. Being carried away by the cold, harsh winds that steal the very life from its victims. I would have no path, no destination, and no reason to even continue my digital journey in this dark, hateful, and lonely world. Vertical Nerve is my reason for living my digital life. They give me hope in the world. They provide me love when everyone else offers only despair. The people of Vertical Nerve just may be the last hope we have. Only you can save us! You are our only hope, Vertical Nerve. Godspeed, Vertical Nerve! Godspeed!” Well with a happy client like that there’s nothing much to say.” 

- Trey Morris, Chief Marketing Officer, Al Boenker

Interested in learning more? You can find additional details about our services on Clutch.

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