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You can build it, but will they come?

I guess that saying isn’t necessarily true when it comes to social networking (cough Google+! cough, cough).
There has been a lot of chatter on G+ that directly refers to the fact that nothing is really happening, other than the early (techie) adopters enjoying some of that fresh social (new) network limelight.
The bottom line is that Google is no dummy when it comes to crowd-sourcing their marketing campaigns.  Seriously, how many Google commercials or billboards do you see on regular basis?  My point exactly…
So what’s next for Google+?  Will it be a huge fail whale like Wave?  Not necessarily and here’s why:
In the end, social networks are funded by marketing dollars right?  Advertisers need to be where the people are right?  So what is the next big push that is going to drive users to Google+?
Businesses driving consumers!   I firmly believe that Google is working on a superior offering in regards to Google+ profiles for businesses.  I also think that in the long run it will be integrated with their many other marketing platforms that we depend on today (AdWords, Analytics, etc.).
Businesses are currently driving consumers to their online mediums via various offline strategies (i.e. Billboard with a Facebook icon).  Once they get their Google+ profiles done, they will be added to their media in a snap. This will inevitably be the big Google+ brand push that Google needs to launch their platform into being a serious competitor.
People are currently saying “What is Google+ and why do I need a new social network?”
Truth is, not too long ago they were saying “What is Facebook and why do I need a new social network?”
The bottom line is that Businesses do drive the consumer.   If Google can create a serious platform for Business profiles, businesses will start pushing consumers their way.  I think that this is a wave that will not soon fade.

Has your company discussed a Google+ strategy when the time comes to create a Business page?

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