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Gold Medal Strategies Using Google Analytics

This past Wednesday night, our very own Tyson Kirksey gave an Olympic worthy presentation on strategies with Google Analytics at this month's DFW SEM meeting. In case you missed it, here are his top 5 Analytics Gold Medal Winning strategy recommendations: 

1) Stick the landing with Content Experiments - test something new!

  • Look for them in the Content section of your GA Account
  • Easy A/B testing with minimal coding
  • Pick a page, install a tiny bit of code, set up the experiment, choose a goal. WIN!

2) Go for Gold using Page Values

  • Can help provide a new page-level metric
  • Shows the value each page provides
  • Value = E-Com Revenue and/or Goal Values
  • How? Set values for all goals (HINT - this is very important now!)
  • Why? Understanding which pages are more likely to lead to conversions means knowing how to re-order navigation, implement/remove contextual links, overhaul underperforming pages, etc. 

3) This is a team sport - understand interaction with Multi-Channel Funnels

  • First step: Check path length report. Note* If more than 10% of conversions happen on a #2 visit then understanding MCF reports and attribution modeling is VERY important. 
  • Next, look for channels with high assist ratios, these could be helping more than you realized

4) Make the connection and hand-off between Google Analytics & Remarketing Lists (beta)

  • Remarketing works and it's now possible to create remarketing lists straight from GA without having to add any code
  • Remarketing lists allow targeting on the Google Display Network by specifying conditions, setting duration of lists and AdWords accounts

5) Navigating the Turns with Goal Flow Reports

  • New & Improved Funnel Reports
  • Possible to see skipped steps, loop backs, retroactive, segmentable & allows pdf exporting

Final Tips: Don't let your Analytics account just run in the background, collecting dust. Get up to speed by conducting a goal audit, setting up new funnels, creating custom visitor segments, scheduling emailed reports and last but not least signing up for the Vertical Nerve Weekly Analytics Newletter. Email us here

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