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Weekly Update: How to add a tag with Google Tag Manager

Weekly Update: Google Tag Manager

As you've probably seen from previous emails and blogs this week, the biggest update from Google right now is the launch of Google Tag Manager. If you'd like more details about this new product and how it can help you manage your site tags, you can read a product overview on our site here.

Tag Logo

Weekly Tip: Glimpse into Google Tag Manager

For our weekly tip, we'll give you a quick look at one of the many tags you can implement with Google Tag Manager

For starters, when implementing a tag management system, you'll first need to replace your existing tags with one global container tag in your header.

From there, here's how you would add a simple Google Analytics tag.

The first step is to create a new tag, give it a name and then select your tag type from the drop-down. Google has already created some of the common tag types so that you don't have to. For this example, we'll select the option "Google Analytics". If you don't see the tag type you are looking for in the drop-down, there is a custom html tag option:

new tag

After that you'll assign the Web Property ID (available in your Google Analytics account) and set up a rule that dictates when the tag will fire.

GA tag

Since we want our Google Analytics tag to fire on every page, we'll set up a rule that will reflect that:

tag rule

Through this system you can set up tags that fire on specific events like video plays and form submissions or on specific pages, etc.

Once you have all of your tags setup, there's a preview option that allows you to make sure all tags are firing at the correct times before launching them to your live site:

tag test


If you'd like help transitioning to this new tool, feel free to reach out to us. We'd love to help!

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