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Rock Star Worthy Applause for Brandy Eddings


"No Losers Allowed" reads the neon sign hanging in the HR conference room where job candidates are interviewed at Vertical Nerve.  Well not really, but I want one.  First, because anything in neon is cool and second, we do not allow losers in the company if at all possible.

So I'll skip the part about how we're really picky about who we hire, because we're judged by the expertise and ethics of our team, and ultimately the results their work (see how I just did that, tricky huh).

To NET it out, we work very hard at hiring the best analytics and search marketing consultants in the region.  

Yet once a quarter, when our management team nominates employees for our Rock Star Award, I must decide who represents our very best for the quarter; the Gene Simmons among us, if you will.  The one eager to learn more on behalf of our clients, stay the extra hours to produce great results for them and deliver it with a smile. 

For Q2 2012, our Quarterly Rock Star is Brandy Eddings. 

Brandy is highly committed to producing results for her clients.  She has been in the search space for years, so she knows her stuff, but what makes her a Rock Star is that she takes her job personally.  She is truly joyful when she can quantify improvements for her clients.  And I think that's pretty cool.  

Like Gene Simmons on stage, she comes ready to give her all, to rock-out better conversation rates.....ok, this is why they don't let me blog much.

Congratulations, Brandy!


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