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Weekly Tip: Mobile Traffic Performance

Depending on the nature of your site, chances are that a good portion of your traffic is viewing your site on a smart phone or tablet. You probably already know this and are already investing in mobile friendly versions of your site. But how do you know if this investment is paying off?

Below are a few reports we recommend reviewing to see if your mobile traffic is performing like you want it to:

Mobile Traffic Advanced Segment

By activating this Advanced Segment, you can view all of your reports in the interface based on this specific group of users.

Mobile Segment

Some recommended reports for this segment would be:

Goals Overview- When it comes to ROI tracking, nothing is more important than setting up goals. If your mobile site has different urls than your main site, make sure your goals reflect that or put in a goal that shows how a mobile user would convert on your site.

Mobile Goals

Page Timings- Some devices don't support page time tracking but there should be enough data in this report to give you a good idea of how quickly your mobile site is loading for your users.

Page Timing

Devices report

There are many different devices in the marketplace today and all with varying screen sizes, browser capabilities and phone navigation styles.

This report will show you how your site stacks up on the devices visiting your site. From a testing perspective, this allows you to focus on the devices that bring in the most traffic.


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