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Employee Spotlight: James Neal

December 27, 2016

About James Neal

As the marketing technology specialist he is responsible for managing the Vertical Nerve website, overseeing the marketing automation platform, deploying email campaigns and works closely with the rest of the marketing team to develop marketing strategies that increase Vertical Nerve’s position as a leader in the digital marketing space.

December’s Employee Spotlight is dedicated to James Neal, Marketing Technology Specialist for Vertical Nerve.

James started his career in marketing as an event promoter and quickly established himself as one of the top dogs in street and guerilla lifestyles marketing in Austin, TX. It is there that he learned that you don’t have to have a big budget to succeed. The key is to focus your attention on campaigns that are smart, catchy and build attention without being inauthentic.

In the nineties James ran a regional street marketing team for brands including Corn Nuts, Levis, Coachella, Phillips and various other independent film and record labels. He also worked as a Senior Associate Coordinator at South By Southwest (SXSW) Music Festival while hosting and producing a TV show on the Austin Music Network before returning to school to further his professional expertise and technical knowhow.

As a student at the Art Institute of Austin, James learned advanced concepts in web development and graphic design. He graduated from the Art Institute with an Associate's of Science in Web Design and Interactive Media and was ready to unite his self-taught street and guerilla marketing experience with his digital aptitude to grow his marketing expertise.

James joined Vertical Nerve after he and his husband relocated to Dallas in 2015. His years of production work and street marketing taught him that having a personal touch with the consumer is the best form of marketing, because connecting with the customer and making a personal impact builds the strongest relationship with the brand. His greatest passion is bringing value to customers’ lives by connecting them with the right brands. A perfect fit for Vertical Nerve, James applies his talent and experience every day to create an environment that is geared for success as one of the newest additions to the Vertical Nerd Herd.

About the Employee Spotlight

Every now and again, someone goes above and beyond the call of duty, and we like to give credit where credit is due. On the last week of every month, we have Employee Spotlights to shine a light of recognition on a special, dedicated Vertical Nerd. In the Vertical Nerve world, we have a few principles that all of our team members embody and guide the way we work together. We call them Core Values; you can read more about them here. Each week during our company meeting, we applaud all the team members who have been nominated by their peers for one or more Core Values during the previous week.

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