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Improvements coming to the Google Analytics Desktop UI

Surbhi Kumar  |  January 02, 2017

Beautiful changes coming to Google Analytics

Google is planning to roll out Desktop UI changes for Google Analytics. For this, they are using concepts of Material Design to create a visual language for users that synthesizes the classic principles of good design. Below are the details about the six design changes Google is planning to roll out in phases till 2017.

1. Simplified Navigation

Removal of the “Home Customization Reporting Admin” sub-header bar. The admin is now pinned to the bottom of the navigation (look for 2 in the screenshot below). Also, there is a resizable left navigation to allow for more space in the canvas (look for 3 in the screenshot below).


2. Customization, all in one place

Previously, reporting customization items such as dashboards, custom reports and alerts were spread out. Now, all customization elements are contained in a “Customization” left-navigation element (look for 1 in the screenshot below).


3. Simplified Google Analytics View switching and favorites

The old “Home” account/property/view picker page has been replaced by the new selector in the header, which allows users to switch views from any page in the product. Note: Analytics 360 users may need to switch organizations to see the set of accounts they are trying to get to. One can also add favorites easily from this picker section.


4. A streamlined login flow

Logging in now automatically takes users to the last Google Analytics View they were looking at during their previous login.

5. An adjustable default date range

Users can now change the default date range that Google Analytics reports load with. This can be modified in your Google Analytics user settings. Setting it to shorter times (like seven days) has several benefits. For example, many campaign changes, website experiments, etc. will have impacts hidden in a 30-day view but immediately visible on a shorter timeline. Currently, defaults are set to seven days for all standard GA users.


6. Say goodbye to a couple of pages

  • Intelligence Events - removed from Google Analytics and will soon be replaced by automated insights from Google Analytics Assistant
  • In-Page Analytics - removed from Google Analytics web UI, but users can still access in-page analytics with the official Chrome Extension

These are the new Desktop UI changes that Google is planning to roll out in the year 2017 for the awesome tool Google Analytics.

Surbhi Kumar

Surbhi Kumar

Digital Analyst

Surbhi Kumar is a Jr. Digital Analyst and recent graduate of the University of Texas at Dallas with a MS in Marketing Analytics. She has more than two years of analytics experience and has worked with brands like Samsung Engineering. In her free time, she likes to watch documentaries.

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