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Webinar ResourcesLearn why companies need to utilize Product Listing Ads and the importance of product specific PLAs.

New Google Bidding Strategy: Target Outranking Share

In November 2014, Google unveiled a new bidding strategy called Target Outranking Share. The name pretty much says it all: the goal of this strategy is to adjust bids to outrank a particular competitor’s domain in the ad auction. We had the opportunity to try this strategy shortly after its initial release, and we managed to get some solid data results. Set up the Target Outranking Share Strategy with this form.   But first, here’s a little background on the...
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Google AdWords Editor 11 Release Review

Last week Google announced a significant update to its offline editing tool for AdWords campaigns. The new and improved AdWords Editor 11 is now available for download and offers a few changes that should help make everyone’s lives easier when making bulk changes to their AdWords campaigns going forward. What’s New?   Design : You don’t have to be a design expert to notice right off the bat that AdWords Editor 11 has a sleek, new design and...
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Are Google Engagement Ads Right For Your Brand?

Google engagement ads have started to really take off.  This new ad format combines traditional display ads with rich media to create a highly engaging ad unit. In the first post   in this 2-part blog series, we gave you the run-down on what types of ad formats are available. Now, it's time to assess the full Pro-Con debate to decide if Google Engagement Ads are right for your brand.  Standard Lightbox Google Engagement Ad Benefits These...
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A Look at the New Google Engagement Ads

Earlier this year, Google announced a new product offering called "Engagement Ads". This new ad format combines traditional display ads with rich media to create highly engaging ad units. In this 2-part blog series, I'll introduce you to the different types of Engagement ads available and provide insight into the pros and cons of this new offering.   Not sure which Enagement Ad is right for your brand? Keep reading for a quick run-down of the new formats.   The Standard...
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Holiday Trends in Digital Marketing

The holiday season is upon us and the opportunity increase your holiday sales is dwindling. Your digital advertising campaigns need to be optimized for the right buyer to find your product when they're ready to purchase. Check this out for some great data and tips to optimize your digital campaigns.
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March 2, 2015
Retail companies get to shop around for an analytics platform, due to a wealth of choices...

February 26, 2015
If you have been following our blog, you know that in my last post  I tackled the what,...
January 5, 2015
  A. H. BELO  (NYSE: ACH) today announced a strategic investment in ...

September 8, 2014
Dallas, TX, August 29, 2014, Dallas-based Vertical Nerve, a nationally recognized digital...
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