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Will we ever get our organic keyword data from Google again?

Google just released a blog stating that HTTPS data is now visible within webmaster tools. The most important nugget that I gleaned from the post was: "We’ve seen that nearly 10% of all URLs already use a secure connection to transfer data via HTTPS, and we hope to see more webmasters move their websites from HTTP to HTTPS in the future” This news is coming on the heels of a Q&A session that occurred during the Keynote at SMX West 2014 where Danny Sullivan was...
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Google’s Achilles’ Heel

Monday morning, I kicked things off with a cup of Joe and the first news of the day over at Search Engine Land. I was reading “Nearly A Year Later, Google’s Penalty Notices Remain Confusing” by Barry Schwartz. Needless to say, I began drafting a windy comment and it got so dang windy, I decided to dish it up here at the VNI blog. The gist of Barry’s story is covering Google’s lack of transparency when it comes to getting spam notifications in web master...
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Big Company Content Marketing

Not offending all of your customers as a large company Big companies have the ultimate catch-22 of viral marketing: they have the benefit of a built in audience and brand awareness, but that means they also have a diverse pool of people who could be easily upset. Anyone who posts anything on behalf of the company should answer these two simple questions: “Who is this going to offend?” and “Do they buy things from me?” If you answered yes to the second question, you...
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Want to Schema markup your site? Here’s how.

As we set out on this journey together, I would like to first explain a few of the terms we are about to come across as they were confusing to me in the beginning. Markup – A piece of code to tell the search engines what specific items are, e.g. address, review and recipe – A dictionary full of the html tags you can use to mark up your site Rich Snippets – What Google actually displays from your site markups, e.g. breadcrumbs and review ratings as...
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Google Goes Global with Shopping Campaign Update

Last year, Google announced an exciting addition to Product Listing Ads and introduced Shopping Campaigns. Shopping Campaigns offered ecommerce vendors a streamlined way to advertise their products by integrating directly with AdWords, making bid management, reporting and account optimization more efficient.  Last week, Shopping campaigns became available globally, expanding beyond initial test countries. Along with the expansion, campaigns managed in Google Shopping now allow bulk...
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April 17, 2014
Analytics Update: GA Marketing Attribution A Part of Your Daily Routine As a Digital...

April 10, 2014
Free Conversion Funnel Tracking Tool Paditrack A few weeks ago I wanted to set up a...
April 10, 2014
Vertical Nerve Continues Rapid Growth, Adds New Partnerships in Q1 (via PRWeb )...

February 14, 2014
Vertical Nerve, a nationally-recognized digital optimization firm, was recently chosen to be the...
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