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SEO & the Modern Marketer Part Two: an Agency Insider webinar

July 11, 2016

Building content for SEO

When deciding what the topic will be for an upcoming webinar, we turn to the digital marketing experts who sit right down the hall from our marketing team. We have digital analysts, website developers, paid search marketing gurus, and an SEO team that keeps doubling in size! All of our experts are certified in the top accreditations in their fields - Google AdWords, Bing, Google Analytics and more, and they're the folks we rely on to keep our clients happy with their online marketing efforts. 

So after reviewing our webinar series from last year with key team members, Ken, our Sr. SEO Manager on the team pointed out that we were missing one of the key elements of a successful online marketing strategy: SEO! Lucky for Ken, we nominated him to lead the charge on developing the webinar and fill it with all the answers to the questions he hears from clients.

Join us on June 28th at 12pm CST to get all the deets on SEO in our new webinar series, Agency Insider, which will continue through 2016. We look forward to having you there! 



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