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Steal the Secrets from the A|B Testing Pros

October 26, 2015

Test your way to success

A|B testing is a popular way to get more out of your current website traffic. Who doesn’t want more conversions online? Whether it’s downloads, leads or sales you’re looking for, A|B testing can provide the insight necessary to boost converted traffic online.

We’re an Optimizely partner, using the leading A|B testing platform available for our clients every day. Learn how to start the journey of A|B testing, how to set up a landing page test on Optimizely’s platform and take an inside look at A|B test reporting. If you’re already testing, you’ll learn advanced techniques to make your tests even more successful.

Join the webinar

All these dynamic topics will be covered in our webinar by Taylor Gilbert, Partnerships Specialist at Optimizely and Tyson Kirksey, Vertical Nerve’s very own COO. Curious about our hosts? Read more about them here.

Want to join us? You can head here to register (it's free to attend!).

And if your calendar is already booked for that Wednesday afternoon, register anyway! We’ll send you a link to the webinar recording and our one-page guide to best practices for A|B landing page testing.

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