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Testing for Success: Impact of CRO on Engagement

July 18, 2016

Does CRO really work?

Have you ever wondered if your website could help you acquire more customers? Have you ever been curious to see whether changing small elements of your website could make a big difference on how visitors interact with your brand? Are you uncertain if your website is easy to understand and drives visitors efficiently toward your purchasing goals?

You are not alone.

Marketers all across the country struggle to find the balance between opinions of how their site should be designed and data-driven analytics that call for website modification. According to CrazyEgg, an incredible 63% of marketers optimize websites based on intuition alone. The same assumptive practice was in place for a Dallas-based surgeon who found results falling short of expectations. That’s where Vertical Nerve came in using conversion rate optimization (CRO) to analyze, test and improve web traffic to achieve significant goals. Strategically executed web design and a mixture of leading-edge digital technology produced more qualified leads and more happy customers.  

Download the client success story below to read the whole story.



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