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Weekly Update and Tip: Comparing by Year and GoDaddy Outage

Michelle Stunkard  |  September 13, 2012

Compare Reports to Previous Year

Google recently made it a little easier to compare your reports to the previous year by adding a dropdown option below the date selector:

Compare Annual Reports_Google Analytics Tips_Vertical Nerve blog

This is beneficial in comparing seasonal traffic to the same time frame from last year. We also use this tool to compare Year-To-Date reports. This can give you a good idea if your company is on track to surpass last year's growth, or perhaps determine ROI of a recent site launch. This has always been available via manual efforts, but having the shortcut in the drop-down make things quite a bit quicker.

Did GoDaddy's outage affect you?

On September 10th, GoDaddy experienced intermittent outages throughout the day causing sites to either be down or not function properly. If your site is hosted by GoDaddy and experienced downtime due to the issues, don't forget to make an annotation in your analytics account!

Outage Annotations_Google Analytics Tips_Vertical Nerve blog

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Michelle Stunkard

Michelle is an experienced digital marketing manager and web analyst. She is Google AdWords and Google Analytics certified and has helped lead Google Analytics training sessions for Vertical Nerve in the past. 

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