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Weekly Update: Customizing Your Reports and eCommerce Data

Michelle Stunkard  |  September 27, 2012

Weekly Tip: Customizing Reports

If you're searching for specific data and have determined you're going to need to create a Custom Report, there's a little trick that can help jump start your efforts.

At the top of most reports within GA, there's a button labeled "Customize." If there is a report that is close to what you're looking for, but you just want to add or remove a few criteria, click on the Customize button above that report. Once you've clicked, you'll be taken to a Custom Report that has been pre-populated with the metrics and dimensions of the report you came from. From there you can simply add and remove the additional items you need.

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Weekly Update: Changes to eCommerce Filtering

Google recently announced a few updates that will give eCommerce site owners a little more flexibility in segmenting their customers. The changes to the tracking code and interface will allow you to integrate custom variables into your data as well as create new filters related to eCommerce traffic. For more information, you can visit their announcement here, or feel free to reach out to us, and we can help you utilize these new features.

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Michelle Stunkard

Michelle is an experienced digital marketing manager and web analyst. She is Google AdWords and Google Analytics certified and has helped lead Google Analytics training sessions for Vertical Nerve in the past. 

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