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Conversion Rate Optimization

Helping shoppers find what they're looking for leads to success in mobile eCommerce

Our client, a home furnishings company, looked to our CRO team to better understand visitor behavior in order to increase engagement on their website. With a focus on increasing engagement to drive more conversions and build their customer base, we developed an A/B test that ran on their eCommerce site on both desktop and mobile devices.

A/B Test Hypothesis

If key elements—value proposition, store locations and account access—are emphasized, then more visitors will engage and convert by calling and visiting and buying in-store or online.

A/B Test Results for Mobile

The A/B test variant was successful in facilitating increased engagement. Online shoppers showed a higher level of interaction with the site and this produced a significant increase in account creations and revenue. There was also an increase in views of the store locator page which is an indicator of intent to visit the brick and mortar store which drives more in-store purchases.

Lift in account creations on mobile
Increase in mobile revenue

A/B Test Results for Desktop

The A/B test produced an increase in performance on desktop as well: eCommerce revenue was 11% higher on the variant, and the conversion rate for account creations increased 30% over the original during the test period. All test KPIs reached a statistical significance of 90% to be declared winners.

This was a successful A/B test for our home furnishings client, and the CRO team continues to experiment and provide insight in the pursuit of ongoing conversion rate improvement.