Paid Search Marketing

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We are precise. 

We're not going to lie - we love paid search marketing. The control, the targeting, the statistics, the opportunities! Who wouldn't love advertising that catches a potential customer at just the right time? We've worked hard to prove to our clients that Vertical Nerve is a reliable, forward-thinking PPC management firm.

We are experienced. 

Not only are we one of the few Google Premier Partner agencies, but our team is full of hot shot search professionals from diverse backgrounds including retail, eCommerce, B2B and non-profit organizations. All of our SEM consultants are Google AdWords, Google Analytics and Bing Advertising certified, so it's not about gut feelings and intuition. We're serious about measuring and proving our strategies for maximum return on investment.

We are collaborative. 

With us, you have complete control over your message so you’re only spending ad dollars on visitors who are likely to become customers. Working with our Analytics, SEO and CRO experts, we dig deep to find the most efficient channels to drive leads and achieve your online goals.

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Together We Are Unstoppable.

We see ourselves as an extension of your own team, so we work with you to recommend a digital strategy that makes your life easier and your business grow. How can we help you acquire and convert more digital traffic?