Tag Management

Simplify your website updates

We are agile. 

In order to evaluate website and marketing campaign performance, as well as develop customer and website personalization strategies, you have to collect the right data in the smartest and most efficient way possible. Tag management is the process for ensuring this is done effectively and reliably.

Tag management eliminates the need for marketers to call a website developer every time there is an update, bringing agility to your campaigns and peace to your departments. Tag management systems have a host of other advantages:

  • Site Performance: Tag loading options reduce page load time and speed up your site
  • Cost Savings: Save on commissions by removing duplicate tags
  • Protect Your Brand: Prevent data leakage to third-parties
  • Stay Compliant: Easily comply with data privacy legislation
  • Bring the Peace: Make large, complex sites with multiple campaigns easier to manage

We are proactive. 

As a Google Tag Manager and Tealium Certified Parter, our analytics team is certified, experienced and trusted. We have developed project plans and timeline recommendations that we can provide to help ensure the data collection process fits into your website creation or ongoing maintenance schedule. We always personalize our recommendations to best suit your business needs. For ongoing service engagements, we will proactively find new opportunities for tagging to ensure all new features and functionality are included in your reports.

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