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CRO Calculator

Use our handy calculator to determine if using a CRO program to make improvements to your website is worthwhile. Just plug in your digits and see what could happen!

AVG Monthly Website Visitors:Approximately how many visitors view the website or landing page in a month.This number is probably in the thousands.
AVG Monthly Website Conversions:A Conversion could be a lead, registration, sale or another action on your site. Approximately how many occur in a month's timeframe?
AVG Conversion Value (optional):Can you value each conversion with a dollar amount? This might be your average order value, or average revenue per lead. $
Expected Improvement:           We can't know exactly how much improvement there will be, so use this option to see some different scenarios. The bigger the improvement, the more value you'll receive and in a shorter timeframe.
Estimated Duration of CRO Test:
Additional Conversions per Year:
Additional Value per Year:


Test Duration: It takes time to gather the data to determine which ‘design’ or ‘combination’ performs best. Obviously, the more traffic the faster the result. Also, if the conversion of a particular design is a clear winner early on, the testing period can be expedited.

Additional Conversions per Year: The estimated number of additional conversions per year as a direct result of improved landing pages and sites. Cha-ching!

Additional Value per Year:Given the average conversion value provided above, this is the amount of additional value you could receive annually after improvements.



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